Month 34 in Stroke Recovery 

At this stage it’s mostly smooth sailing. I’m able to incorporate therapy into all my every day activities and it’s almost kind of mind blowing. The only real hitch something minor: the stroke affected side will occasionally go completely numb at any point during the day.The first time it happened I was pretty concerned, but it’s happening less often for shorter amounts of time so I’m not as concerned as my neurologist. I find it funny that I’m pretty calm when stuff like this happens given I’m expecting it to whilst my doctors are freaking out trying to figure out solutions. 

I’m not going to lie when it first happened I had to check my hand and make sure I could still move my fingers. my left side felt like I had had another stroke. While the sensation lasted I was a little nervous that it could lead to something bad. Almost a week later while at the gym I was able to crack my back and suddenly it stopped. I didn’t even know my back was out so I thought this was pretty funny. It could definitely be seen as a downside to having a really high pain tolerance. Friends and family have concluded that I’ll probably die of an illness that’s main symptom is pain and I won’t even notice until it’s too late. 

Other Than Random Side effects things are still progressing at a good rate. writing is getting easier and a little quicjer, I’m starting to retrain my hand to type again which is turning out to be comical. It brings mr back to the struggle of learning how to type in elementary school when goofing off was a higher priority. Considering that in under three years I’ve got the dexterity one gains in tgeir first 4to 5 ish years of life. For that I’m really lucky to have been a relatively active kid and teen. if I hadn’t already had a decent amount of muscle before the stroke I wouldn’t be at my current stage today. 


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