Dear K

Greif can be a major pain in the ass. Not a single day goes by where I don’t miss your physical presence in my life. It’s been about two and a half years and some days it hurts like it was just yesterday when we lost you. Days like today I miss all the years we trained together and you constantly kicking my ass both literally and metaphorically. You had a Smile that could light up an entire room and a very kind soul. I miss you you badass there are so many things I wish I could tell you. You were and still are my favorite punk, I wish I could gI’ve you one more hug and remind  you how special you are.

One of the not fun parts of grief is that it comes in waves. thankfully I’ve learned how to ride these waves well over the last couple years, but the pain never really goes away. If you had been taken by natural causes this probably wouldn’t be as difficult, sadly that’s not how things went down. Growing up you were one of my main people and it is still strange not seeing you a couple times a week. I miss your sassy attitude and all our belly laughs. You were kind of like the sistereo I never had. You deserved so much better than what he did to you.

K was one of those people that changed the lives of everybody she met for the better. She was an inspiration to all and all of her friends and family knew that she would do great things in life. Unfortunately that was taken away from her before she had the chance to make the headlines. There isn’t a single thing I don’t miss about her. I miss it all even the times she made me bleed while training . she was a phenomenal martial arts partner. I wish she could knock me on my ass just one more time, She may be gone but never will she be forgotten.


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