Weekends With Family 

Since moving back to my home town I’ve been making an effort to spend at least every other weekend with my grandparents. This has been beneficial in a couple different ways. firstly I get out of the overcrowded over dramatic place I’m living. secondly it turns out grandma has an interesting sense of humor that causes me to laugh until my stomach hurts. Lastly I get to just relax and do whatever. grandma’s house has always been a home away from home for me and for that I’m very thankful. it’s nice to have a place to just escape the drama and just relax.

When I said overcrowded I meant a house designed for twork low key people that’s occupied by 3 people with very large personalities that all need lots of space. Things like coming home to cook and when I left the kitchen was clean and I get home to a disaster that I have to clean up just to prepare a meal for myself. Dramatic is an understatement in this case as well. as little as asking how another’s day is can turn into a heated argument where we don’t speak for days. Having a place to escape to on the weekends has proven very ideal.

Older people can be quite entertaining and my grandparents have clearly honned this skill over their 42 years together. Grandma has started saying the cutest and most hilarious things a couple months ago. Things so cheeky or quick that when I’m over I keep a tally of all of her hilarious moments. Saturday’s  total alone was in the teens so you can imagine it was a pretty good day. The only downside is that 6 hours of it was spent at a small craft fair with very few shoppers in the venue.

The ability to relax or do anything I desire within reason without being harassed about it is also lovely. I’m glad that being legal age and living on my own has given my grandparents a lot of respect fir me. Now I’m only asked to chill with them during the days and I can do whatever I want in the evenings such as meet up with friends or write in the guest room into the early hours of the day. The best thing is they no longer ask or judge me on any of this. To me this is freedom and I’m loving every minute of it.

Until next time,



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