We All Have Boundaries 

via Daily Prompt: Border

In Every aspect of our lives we have all set boundaries. whether it was to keep us comfortable or to keep ourselves safe we did it. Boundaries are good as long as you’re not holding yourself back from succeeding in any way. If this boundary is a comfort zone that you’ve never stepped out of get rid of it because we need to step out of our comfort zones to grow as people. Live life to the fullest and don’t let anything hold you back, but at the same time please proceed with caution. Don’t make and drastic decisions that are more likily to negatively impact your life than they are to positively change things. 

Most of the boundaries I set are for comfort and to keep things from getting awkward between my social circle. this isn’t going to be the best example, I’m sorry it’s 2am. Friend zoning the friend that’s very into you instead of playing with his or her heart when you have no attractions or feelings for the person mostly fits into this category. Another one for comfort is decidin to not go to an event because you know that specific people are on the guest list and it won’t go over well if you show up. personally these ate my favorite situations to avoid, people always say that I should go and see how it pans out, but I’d rather enjoy the drama free Zone of my house.

Setting boundaries for our own personal health and safety is very important. things like not having more than two drinks when going out can be a good one. Another is when a group of you and some friends decide to go on a road trip you get the best and safest driver to drive so that you all have a decreased chance of injury. Safety boundaries are the unwritten list of rules we all keep to our selves and follow to ensure our safety. Sure we all need to step oUT of our comfort zones from time to time, but we don’t need to be reckless about it. always remember you set your boundaries for a reason and if someone doesn’t like your boundaries thinking they are to strict or that your uptight because you care about your well being they can just walk out of your life. 

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