Finding Inspiration

As an artist of a few different medias I’m constantly on the look out for inspiration. I personally can find Inspiration in almost anything around me. some of those things can be a picture or someone’s hat or even someone’s mannerisms towards something. A benefit of being an only child is being able to be entertained by anything also making it easier when I look for inspiration. Being inspired definitely helps both my writing and my artistic process so over the years I’ve found specific places and things that I can go to when really stumped.

Sometimes I can also get inspired by a life or world event. These senarios can turn into a large unexpected plot twist if I’m writing or completely change the style or feel of a drawing or painting. occasionally it can even be a hindrance, but there are always ways to work around things like this and get back on track. Thankfully a lot of my characters were inspired by real people in my life where I just modify their name and physical traits so they aren’t exposed or given away. 

Whether it’s a gift or a curse I love being able to pull inspiration out of anything. It can even just be something I notice while people watching at a coffee shop or the library. My favourite place when I need inspiration for a characters style is a local bead and jewellery shop that sells locally made jewellery. Due to the artists all having different styles I can usually find a few pieces to put together a characters  look for the story. As an artist of any medium I hope you all have ways of finding Inspiration or a muse to get your projects done. There’s nothing worse than being stumped and having to put something on hold especially if there’s a deadline.

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7 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Interesting perspective, how do we find inspiration in the midst of obstacles or grief and loss? And also I am starting to write a book, any suggestions for how I can continue to get inspiration and motivation to keep on writing my book?

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    1. When I lost the closest person to me in my life I turned to fitness to find that clear headspace and use that greif as a motivator to live in her legacy, actually how I got my book written in just a few short months

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      1. Wow amazing, I enjoyed reading some of your posts 🙂 especially your article about grief, do you think that grief shapes us and makes us stronger or do you think a piece of us will always stay with that person that has gone? Just curious on ur perspective

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