When Physio and Life Intertwine 

I’ve  got some great news to share with all of you. As some of you know I’ve been working on retraining my affected hand to write. This has turned out very well and better than I had anticipated. As of today I can actually do my writing with my left hand the affect side instead of my dominant side. Turns out the human brain is easier to rewire than we thought. other than being a little physically draining this whole process had really just taken persistence. what dhocks me the most about it is that I was told I would never do any of these things again. I wasnt even supposed to walk on my own ever again. 

I also love that now my daily writing has become part of my physio. With the changes I have seen in the last month I now remember how much of a luxury dexterity is. along with writing I’ve got enough grip strength to open those tricky jars too. making the decision to just go full throttle until I recover was a really good idea. Compared to where I started I’m starting to see that there will be an end to my recovery. I’m guessing that if I continue at this rate I could reach a full recovery within the next year or two. 

No matter the goal whether it be personal, work, or health related don’t give up on them. The larger the goal the better it feels as you approach the finish line. If I hadn’t decided I was going to beat this then I would still be spending my days in a hospital bed not living life. I pushed through and here I am using the book I’m writing about this who process to help me further recover. Sure I get tired faster doing it this way, but who has said no to a mid day nap when the oportinity presents itself? Nobody I know personally. Sleep is also a big factor in healing so I have no regrets what so ever. 

until next time,


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