Hitch One 

As you know I’m working in writing a couple books. one of them I recently have been struggling with only a few months in and I have to make a serious decision to scrap it or start over. I decided to do a full edit of everything written and it turned out I had messed up the layout of he book. Realizing this was quite defeating and is why I left it fir over a week focusing on other writing projects.I had fully intended on writing it chronologically, bad had written this in ano her order. It felt wrong and I decided it wasn’t worth saving. I had to walk away from it for a week and a half, but I’ve already reworked the outline and mind map I have so I don’t do this again.
It was a good week and a few days to just work out and work on completely unrelated topics. I’m glad that I did because I was able to look at the book chapters from an outsider perspective and take my own criticisms less personally. I will also admit that working on a project when you’re not in the best mindset can throw off the project from where you were intended to go with it. I’m thankful that I was only a few chapters in before Realizing I messed up not more. if there had been more I would have tried to rework what I had written nut it’s no big deal at this point. 

I’m also lucky that I have other projects I can switch   to if need be. going and focusing more on physio related things I’ve noticed improvement in my gait and arm movement as well. Dear writers of all sorts you don’t need to bear yourself up over starting a project over if it doesn’t meet your expectations. we are artists with words and if the end product doesn’t paint the picture you intended start over and call it your second draft.


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