Halloween 2016

I want to start off by saying I wish I could go back to the days of fun trick or treating instead of being the candy guy. this is the first year I’m just completely not feeling it and I fins it very strange. I feel like I’ve turned into the grumpy old man that yells at kids who walk on his lawn. haven’t yelled at any kids they’re all pretty good up here just don’t have the Halloween spirit this year. This is also the first time I haven’t dressed up in my entire existence. dear kids growing up isn’t fun. by the time  you turn nineteen you will want to go back to the old days of a stressfree life and fun all the time. 

Sure adults have alcohol but that’s not a perk if you try to drink as minimally as possible. sure a glass of wine with dinner on occasion is nice, but this isn’t normal for a nineteen year old. I like to dance and have a good time although I wouldn’t go out to a bar with friends anymore. that phase was short. There’s too many fights and perverts at bars here it’s not worth my time. The most exciting I’ve been in 2016 was going to karaoke with friends at the college bar. sure the singing was bad but even sober it was thoroughly entertaining. This year I even joked about not giving out candy and just eating it all myself over the next few weeks. the other people in the house didn’t think that was a good idea unfortunately ha ha. normally on Halloween I break out the special effects makeup and get gorey. 

Please remind your kids to continue to be kids as long as they can festive times of year are more fun that way. if I was still living with my best friend in Alberta I definitely would have gone out tonight to a small get together with friends, but unfortunately I’m in another province. at least all of my trick or treaters have manners this year, there is hope for future generations. I also miss trick or treating  it’s way more fun dressing up getting candy. and getting home and going through all the treasures verses giving out combinations of the same four treats. 

Until next time ,


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