If You Dont Like It Change It

via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

Change is good and if you’re making a change to try and make yourself happier do it. A lot of people struggle with this myself included. a common problem we all face is trying to make other people happy before we work on ourselves. I know you are all trying to please everyone and we often place ourselves last on the priority list. just as the saying goes “be the change you want to see in the world”. You need to start with you before you can change anything else so why not start now. We all have our issues so why not work on them and get passed them.

The day I stopped living to please other people and just do things that make me happy was basically a new beginning. I may be libing my own dream as best I can before going back to school but that’s not all. Despite my very loose ties with my family, the ones that I am close with I try to help out whenever I can. this weekend both today and tomorrow I’m helping my grandma with her booth at a local craft fair. shes a knitter  and tries to sell off the things she makes every year to make room for more stuff. she always tries to convince me out of helping her with stuff, but what is a single weekend on a year helping someone else so that the event is actually manageable. it takes twould people to try and help all the customers to make sales.

Not only can I sit there and rehab my hand by crocheting my favorite hat pattern. The other day I was just goofing around with a hook and yarn and found out that I can crochet again which I haven’t been able to do in almost three years. I used to do it just because I found it very relaxing and also I like being able to make my own things. I went and found the paterns I used to use and was reminded that I used to have this thing for Rasta style slouchy hats. this brought me back to grades nine and ten both good and bad memories. I’m excited to be crocheting again just shows that I’m closer to a full recovery.





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