Sometimes it’s like living in a Haze

Other than the normal daily frustrations everything is normally fine. The big exception to this rule is when I get migraines. I’m not talking a strong headache, I mean pain more intense than a broken skull. I’m pretty lucky that I’m only light sensitive and not also noise sensitive when I get one, but they can go on for up to three months at a time. Thankfully my last one of eight weeks has let up significantly today.  I never realize how foggy my thought process is after a longer one like that until the day after when suddenly everything is crystal clear.

The light sensitivity is the most awkward part. this is mainly because even indoors If i want to accomplish anything I have to wear sunglasses. Thankfully after years of chronic migraines I invested in a nice pair of polarized sunglasses to help take the edge off. Probably the smartest purchase I have ever made because cheap dollar store sunglasses never cut it. when wearing sunglasses indoors I always get asked why I’m wearing them. Given that I have no desire to explain it in those moments, I have learned to answer with “My future is so bright I gotta wear shades.” It gets me out of the conversation, It’s funny, and not necessarily untrue.

Being in enough pain you can’t easily think for weeks at a time is no walk in the park.  People tell us that we should take painkillers and get over it. One thing all those people don’t understand is we’ve all been fighting with doctors to try and find something that works and after years of it you just find ways to get through the day. Even though most have never experienced that level of pain at least they understand why I Don’t make plans to go out and do things when I have a migraine. Today I’m so thankful to just have a headache.

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