We All Go Through Transformations

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

Throughout life we all go through different situations that cause us to change and grow both physically and mentally. Despite what we tell ourselves circumstances in life do change us. Even if the situation seems detrimental at first it may also turn into the best thing that ever happened to you. A great example of this is: January 21,2014 I had a stroke leaving half my body paralyzed. Time and time again this has proved to be my greatest and most beneficial life event.

The picture on the left was taken the same week as the stroke while the one on the right was taken roughly two and a half years after the stroke. Not only am I not in a wheelchair, but I’m in a pole fitness class working on my climbs. Situations can make or break a person and thankfully this was a situation that just gave me motivation and drive. Many people say it’s amazing and lucky that i have almost fully recovered. There Is no luck in working one’s ass off in order to regain mobility. It is solely hard work and dedication. There are a lot more than just physical barriers to this process.

From the very beginning of this process I have known that I could either give 150% effort or I could just spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair immobilized. It was pretty clear that there was only one option and it wasn’t spending the rest of my life in a bed. I will also be the first to tell you that no part of this process was easy. When trying to retrain half your body you don’t just work at it until your tired you work it past exhaustion and even through all the tears. The tears were mainly caused by a constant level of frustration because I couldn’t do thing the way I used to. All of this made me a stronger person so even if I could turn back time and not go through with the procedure I would have still done it.


2 thoughts on “We All Go Through Transformations

  1. Sometimes life deals us a pretty crappy hand (some call it pre-determinism).

    Sometimes we pick the crappy cards ourselves (some call it free will).

    There are times when something good comes out of something real bad, and it’s at those times that some people wake up and reevaluate what is truly important, what it is to be.

    Sounds like you are awake. Being awake is good.

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    1. Thank you, at the beginning of the process, within the first couple weeks I really had to give my head a shake and look at things differently.


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