The End Goal

We are all working towards a goal of some description, some want money, fame and fortune. Others just want to give back to the community. It doesn’t matter how far away you are from that goal as long as you are consistently working towards it. Sometimes you will lose sight of your end goal and that is okay too. It happens too all of us, It was were I was at all of last week. When you forget why you’re doing something It can derail the process a bit until you refocus and get back on track.

Don’t for even a second think that the amount of time it takes to accomplish something is too long. the time will pass no matter what so keep yourself busy. The same year that caught the biggest curve ball ever thrown my way (The Stroke) was the year I realized I needed to build a life of giving back to the community not a life of fame or fortune. I went from wanting to make millions for myself to wanting to raise millions for other people. Once I get published a certain percent of all proceeds from my book sales will go to charity.

One doesn’t need to live an extravagant life to live a good one. Personally I just want to make enough to live comfortably the rest can go to charity. Who cares if someone disagrees with how you live your life, you are the only one that gets a say in what and how you live life. The day I started living for myself instead of trying to meet other people’s expectations was an entirely new beginning. It was a choice I can honestly say I don’t and never will regret.


2 thoughts on “The End Goal

  1. Jesse, I couldn’t agree more. We should strife to do what pleases us without thinking about the views of others and what they are expecting from us. Also, I strongly believe in giving back in any way I can. Through writing I believe I have a chance of helping someone, and that too I believe is giving back.

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