Ancient Like the playlists I Use to Write

via Daily Prompt: Ancient

My main “trick” for being able to write any specific genre at any given time is just music. Most of the  playlists I actually made back in high school for art class. Sure I’ve modified them over the years, but I’ve got a range for playlists from dark and dreary to light and fluffy. It has made it easy to go from writing a murder mystery to writing a romance quite easily. I will admit I’m pretty lucky to be able to switch it up this easily.

It’s one of those moments where i’m glad I went through an emo depressed stage in high school. The playlist that matches that feeling has made it easier to write about the loss of certain people in life. Then again there’s the playlist I used to use while having a dance party and cooking up a storm when I was living with my best friend. That playlist is much better for writing fluffy stuff like the romance that is on hold at the moment. Before I realized that music was an easy way to change up the genre I write I would get stuck writing the same genre all day.

I even have a playlist that takes me back to my vacation in Europe eight years ago. When listening to that one i get all nostalgic and apparently It’s really cute. Home is a feeling not a place and it’s something I have only felt for one short period of time. When I say short I mean It was only three weeks and it was amazing. It makes sense that waking up every day in the country side on a farm would make me feel so at home. I find peace of mind in nature so It makes complete sense.

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