Something Amazing Happened yesterday

As some of you know I’ve been recovering from a stroke, It’s now been almost three years. Part of the recovery process is consistently trying to do new things. I’ve been trying for almost three years to just hold a pen with the affected side and for once I actually did, but that’s not it. I was also able to write neater than before the stroke. Now that I can write with my non dominant hand it’s time to get practicing so it’s easier to read and I can write faster. Sure I could just continue to write with my right hand but that wouldn’t be encourage any nerve regeneration at all.

As a child I was left side dominant up until I started having seizures so it has always been a goal of mine to rewire my brain and reverse it. There have been a few studies that prove this is humanly possible. the first one I read about back when I was in grade six. Yes i will admit that i have always been a total nerd reading about medical studies at age eleven. Seeing that it is actually happening gives me hope that I may fully recover soon.

I notice progress every single day but normally it is something small like increased grip strength or something minor. After the stroke I had lost most hope for changing my dominant hand I was wrong. Not only was a writing legibly, but it didn’t take many tries before it was getting more clear and easier. Other than ditching the wheel chair back in rehab this is certainly one of the most exciting things to happen to me in almost 3 years. I’m so excited about this that i’m losing sleep over it. I haven’t lost sleep from being excited since I was eight years old and still believed in Santa. This is a ginormous step for me. probably why I had a “fan-girl” moment when I realized what was happening.


2 thoughts on “Something Amazing Happened yesterday

  1. Awww, you have every reason to be excited. You will be more excited in days to come. I just feel happy for you, seriously.
    My mom too is recovering from a stroke so I;m kinda familiar with the recovery process.
    I wish you all the best.



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