Be One of A Kind

via Daily Prompt: Original

in a society where it’s more common to fit in we should all try to stand out. This can mean many different things to different people. It can be as simple as just being authentic to yourself and “rolling with the punches” so to speak. Don’t hide who you are show that weird, nerdy, or just different side to the world. Life gets a lot easier when you aren’t afraid to be yourself. Sure I hid parts of myself from everyone for years of my life, but that can leave a lot of emotional baggage so I strongly advise against it.

I embrace my oddities the most. I’m weird, a dork, and know I have lots of quirks, Why should anyone hide them.  For example my brain thinks it’s great to not sleep and write odd haiku poems from 3 am to 5 am.  Sure It’s inconvenient, but if i’m awake anyways may as well attempt to do something productive. When my sleep patterns are regular I end up being both a night owl and a morning person. I usually run off 4-6 hours of sleep because of it. It can be frustrating and I often wonder why I can’t be one or the other, but there’s no point in fighting it.

Once you start embracing your uniqueness you’ll come across more people with similar quirks and common interests that make better friends. There’s no better feeling than finding a friend who is the same kind of weird as you.  One time I found a friend who is like a living cartoon character, after a couple weeks of friendship we realized how much we have in common. not going to lie it was as awesome as it was freaky to find someone so similar. I just want to leave you with one question: Why be like everyone else when you can just be your original self?

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