Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving from up here in Canada. Most people choose to celebrate this with friends and family. I’m one of the people that usually doesn’t. I do my own thing my own way because I avoid holidays like a plague. I can’t eat the traditional turkey dinner so I just do my own thing. With the family on vacation I’m the only one in the house. For me it’s just another day of the year no big deal what so ever.

Most people also have connections with their blood family. Our only connection is mutual dislike and that’s not something to feast over. There are a few people in my life that I would have spent the holiday with, but they are nine plus hours away by car 14+ hours away by bus. This is part of why I’d rather spend holidays physically alone. Like normal I still spend a few hours in the kitchen making delicious food that I’m kind of excited I don’t have to share ha ha ha.

My chosen family is significantly more important to me and it’s a shame we aren’t spending it together. on the same hand it’s not the smartest time of year to travel so no hurt feelings all around. Spring is smarter than fall  or winter for us to meet up, so that’s usually when we end up meeting up.

With Christmas invites already coming in I’ve kindly declined all of those due to the guest list. there’s no point in going to a dinner that’s supposed to be peaceful when it’s just a bunch of people that love to argue everything that’s said. Despite what people think no part of my life is under debate and I have little patience for sexists and homophobes.


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