Why So Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful

At least here in Canada we live in a society that is so sensitive we practically tip toe on broken glass constantly.  People are so easily offended it has become difficult to even share an opinion on something without offending someone. This is something I find Quite laughable. In a country where we have freedom of speech a lot of people don’t use it just because someone might get offended. I don’t mean say whatever one wants or being rude or disrespectful. Even just stating an opinion in a conversation even if there’s nothing bad or wrong about it can set someone off.

I wish it wasn’t this way. I would like to see us in a place where we are less sensitive and able to look at things from an angle of deeper thinking. Instead of being immediately offended at someone sharing their opinion or stance on a topic we should be looking at it and analyzing it before responding. We are human so we do make mistakes, but we should look at things from other people’s perspectives and see that there is more than one way to look at something. Just because someone thinks different things than you doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

With social media and texting being the main ways of communicating things can also be perceived the wrong way. such as reading a message in a different tone than the one it was meant to come across in. Unlike a lot of people I know who get really mad when this happens, I just ask for clarification if I’m unsure. I know that I’m not correct all the time and this is why I question everything. That’s part of why I always look for other perspectives on things. It’s weird questioning everything in a society that tells us to be quiet and fit in, but I do it anyways.

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