We Realize Many Different Things

via Daily Prompt: Realize

Some people realize things like they need a career change or a divorce. I realize things like how I should life in a human sized bubble or an astronaut suit. Given the number of foods I’m allergic too I have actually considered buying a hazmat suit to live in. Every time I think I’m for sure not going to be allergic to anything I have a severe reaction that almost lands me in a hospital. All my food allergies are relatively new and I’m pretty sure were caused by the changes n my brain from the stroke.

Don’t get me wrong I would much rather overnight in a hospital than be dealing with a crazy ex and lawyers trying to get divorced. Sure I’ve been close to dying a couple times, But still haven’t needed a lawyer for anything. At the same time many people think I should have sought out legal advice over my stroke that was technically medically induced. Well before hearing that perspective from anyone I realized It didn’t really hinder my life. From my experiences the stroke actually put me on a better life path. It’s up there in the ranks of my top five best life lessons.

Sure I’ve found all of my allergies the hard way, but they haven’t offed me yet. I don’t have a cheating wife or husband and I’m not fighting for custody of anything. Life is good and there are very few things I would change.  One just needs to keep in perspective all the things they do have and not the ones we don’t. For example I’m still bitter that an aunt broke my nose a few years ago and it didn’t heal right. I should be grateful that it was set well and isn’t sideways.

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