Finding Peace of Mind

via Daily Prompt: Tree

Sometimes there’s enough going on in life that we can’t even get our heads in the game. Due to this I’ve found a few different ways to clear my head and focus. There’s nothing worse than not being able to focus just because your mind is racing. some of the things I do to get that peace of mind are: music, a walk in nature, jogging, and lifting weights.

Listening to music can usually clear my head because I specifically use music that I can get “lost” in. There’s a reason I wrote all my college papers to Dirty Vegas. One I get lost in the beat I can easily focus on the task at hand. Studies have proven that music gets more of the brain to fire. It’s kind of cool how something so simple as listening to music gets the brain to fire more.

If music doesn’t work I resort to going for a walk in nature. I’m one of those people that immediately feels more centered in nature. Thankfully my neighborhood backs onto a forest that is deep enough that you can’t hear any traffic or civilization. There are certain parts of  the trails back there where it feels like an untouched oasis. Finding peace in nature is why I went to the trails every day when things were hectic. When surrounded by trees or bodies of water I can easily sort out all my thoughts. I can and have sat at a shoreline and spent a day writing just having the ability to let it all the ideas flow out.

Either jogging or lifting weights is how I start my day. If I skip this I can almost guarantee that it’s going to be a more difficult day for productivity. There’s something about completely exhausting myself physically that makes me feel amazing mentally. After working out I’m always pumped and excited to tackle the day. I also love the soreness that hits the next day that shows that I’m doing something right. I’m really lucky that I can run again because cardio is a great way for me to get peace of mind.

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