What Are your Values?

Personally when it comes to non trait related things I put a lot of value on my friends and family. I’ve been under the radar all weekend because, I haven’t been feeling the greatest these last few days. I didn’t even touch a pad of paper. I needed some down time to just refocus and get back in the mindset to chase my dreams. One morning used some goal setting techniques and made a vision board for those constand reminders and I spent the rest of it with friends and family. I’m glad I took those days off, but I may have spent a little too much time with people because I’m exhausted.

As much as I do value my family I ended up seeing some blood relatives that I don’t consider family. To me family are people that are there through thick and thin and also try to at least occasionally be around. I consider less than half of my blood relatives family for many reasons. Most of them got cut from the “need to know basis” just because they’re rude and blatantly disrespectful. A majority of the people I consider family are not blood related. I’ve never had a strong connection with my blood family and this isn’t a problem for me. They were never around so I made better stronger relationships to “replace” them with.

Thankfully I got to see an old friend this weekend. Getting caught up after a dinner party the night before was very cathartic. It’s way better to spend time with people that value you and your presence rather than people that just treat you poorly. I appreciated having the opportunity to see someone I hadn’t seen in a couple years. All In all I really needed these days to just recouperate and I will admit it was nice to just enjoy a couple relaxing days with no writing involved what so ever.


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