Halloween 2016

I want to start off by saying I wish I could go back to the days of fun trick or treating instead of being the candy guy. this is the first year I’m just completely not feeling it and I fins it very strange. I feel like I’ve turned into the grumpy old man that yells at kids who walk on his lawn. haven’t yelled at any kids they’re all pretty good up here just don’t have the Halloween spirit this year. This is also the first time I haven’t dressed up in my entire existence. dear kids growing up isn’t fun. by the time  you turn nineteen you will want to go back to the old days of a stressfree life and fun all the time. 

Sure adults have alcohol but that’s not a perk if you try to drink as minimally as possible. sure a glass of wine with dinner on occasion is nice, but this isn’t normal for a nineteen year old. I like to dance and have a good time although I wouldn’t go out to a bar with friends anymore. that phase was short. There’s too many fights and perverts at bars here it’s not worth my time. The most exciting I’ve been in 2016 was going to karaoke with friends at the college bar. sure the singing was bad but even sober it was thoroughly entertaining. This year I even joked about not giving out candy and just eating it all myself over the next few weeks. the other people in the house didn’t think that was a good idea unfortunately ha ha. normally on Halloween I break out the special effects makeup and get gorey. 

Please remind your kids to continue to be kids as long as they can festive times of year are more fun that way. if I was still living with my best friend in Alberta I definitely would have gone out tonight to a small get together with friends, but unfortunately I’m in another province. at least all of my trick or treaters have manners this year, there is hope for future generations. I also miss trick or treating  it’s way more fun dressing up getting candy. and getting home and going through all the treasures verses giving out combinations of the same four treats. 

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We All Go Through Transformations

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

Throughout life we all go through different situations that cause us to change and grow both physically and mentally. Despite what we tell ourselves circumstances in life do change us. Even if the situation seems detrimental at first it may also turn into the best thing that ever happened to you. A great example of this is: January 21,2014 I had a stroke leaving half my body paralyzed. Time and time again this has proved to be my greatest and most beneficial life event.

The picture on the left was taken the same week as the stroke while the one on the right was taken roughly two and a half years after the stroke. Not only am I not in a wheelchair, but I’m in a pole fitness class working on my climbs. Situations can make or break a person and thankfully this was a situation that just gave me motivation and drive. Many people say it’s amazing and lucky that i have almost fully recovered. There Is no luck in working one’s ass off in order to regain mobility. It is solely hard work and dedication. There are a lot more than just physical barriers to this process.

From the very beginning of this process I have known that I could either give 150% effort or I could just spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair immobilized. It was pretty clear that there was only one option and it wasn’t spending the rest of my life in a bed. I will also be the first to tell you that no part of this process was easy. When trying to retrain half your body you don’t just work at it until your tired you work it past exhaustion and even through all the tears. The tears were mainly caused by a constant level of frustration because I couldn’t do thing the way I used to. All of this made me a stronger person so even if I could turn back time and not go through with the procedure I would have still done it.

The End Goal

We are all working towards a goal of some description, some want money, fame and fortune. Others just want to give back to the community. It doesn’t matter how far away you are from that goal as long as you are consistently working towards it. Sometimes you will lose sight of your end goal and that is okay too. It happens too all of us, It was were I was at all of last week. When you forget why you’re doing something It can derail the process a bit until you refocus and get back on track.

Don’t for even a second think that the amount of time it takes to accomplish something is too long. the time will pass no matter what so keep yourself busy. The same year that caught the biggest curve ball ever thrown my way (The Stroke) was the year I realized I needed to build a life of giving back to the community not a life of fame or fortune. I went from wanting to make millions for myself to wanting to raise millions for other people. Once I get published a certain percent of all proceeds from my book sales will go to charity.

One doesn’t need to live an extravagant life to live a good one. Personally I just want to make enough to live comfortably the rest can go to charity. Who cares if someone disagrees with how you live your life, you are the only one that gets a say in what and how you live life. The day I started living for myself instead of trying to meet other people’s expectations was an entirely new beginning. It was a choice I can honestly say I don’t and never will regret.

Month 33 in Stroke Recovery 

As you guys may know my from my last post about recovery progress I can write again with the affected side. In under 5 days it has progressed from 5 year old chicken scratch Scribbly letters to better than my dominant hand when it comes to printing. I’m surprised that it’s also getting faster too. I guess being a total dork and printing off printing worksheets they use in kindergarten was a great idea. I’ve also been nerding out and working on trying to improve my  handwriting skills. This has been going equally as well and I’m still just trying to wrap my head around it.

My drawing abilities are still not the greatest I will admit, I’m still happy with the end product. One night I was on a roll with the writing practice so I was going to try and draw a tree. From that point on my hand decided it was going to be an angry “tree monster” which I thought was hilarious. Back to that stage where kids animate things and thanks to being an only child I find it highly entertaining. Every chance I can I am trying to write with my left and my efforts are paying off. Not just every day there is improvement, there is a difference every attempt I make at it. 

There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to do things you used to do after almost three years. I’m not going to lie there were a few months there where my progress had almost slowed to a halt. I was really concerned, but at the same time hopefully due to the different studies I’ve read on recovery and the human brain. I was starting to think that maybe those people got better by fluke, but not anymore. Apparently all one needs to get better is hope and persistence. Even if things taper out for a while whatever it is if you work at it you’ll continue to recover for the rest of your life. As you can probably tell I’m over the moon with joy.

I look forward to answering any questions,

Something Amazing Happened yesterday

As some of you know I’ve been recovering from a stroke, It’s now been almost three years. Part of the recovery process is consistently trying to do new things. I’ve been trying for almost three years to just hold a pen with the affected side and for once I actually did, but that’s not it. I was also able to write neater than before the stroke. Now that I can write with my non dominant hand it’s time to get practicing so it’s easier to read and I can write faster. Sure I could just continue to write with my right hand but that wouldn’t be encourage any nerve regeneration at all.

As a child I was left side dominant up until I started having seizures so it has always been a goal of mine to rewire my brain and reverse it. There have been a few studies that prove this is humanly possible. the first one I read about back when I was in grade six. Yes i will admit that i have always been a total nerd reading about medical studies at age eleven. Seeing that it is actually happening gives me hope that I may fully recover soon.

I notice progress every single day but normally it is something small like increased grip strength or something minor. After the stroke I had lost most hope for changing my dominant hand I was wrong. Not only was a writing legibly, but it didn’t take many tries before it was getting more clear and easier. Other than ditching the wheel chair back in rehab this is certainly one of the most exciting things to happen to me in almost 3 years. I’m so excited about this that i’m losing sleep over it. I haven’t lost sleep from being excited since I was eight years old and still believed in Santa. This is a ginormous step for me. probably why I had a “fan-girl” moment when I realized what was happening.

What Are your Values?

Personally when it comes to non trait related things I put a lot of value on my friends and family. I’ve been under the radar all weekend because, I haven’t been feeling the greatest these last few days. I didn’t even touch a pad of paper. I needed some down time to just refocus and get back in the mindset to chase my dreams. One morning used some goal setting techniques and made a vision board for those constand reminders and I spent the rest of it with friends and family. I’m glad I took those days off, but I may have spent a little too much time with people because I’m exhausted.

As much as I do value my family I ended up seeing some blood relatives that I don’t consider family. To me family are people that are there through thick and thin and also try to at least occasionally be around. I consider less than half of my blood relatives family for many reasons. Most of them got cut from the “need to know basis” just because they’re rude and blatantly disrespectful. A majority of the people I consider family are not blood related. I’ve never had a strong connection with my blood family and this isn’t a problem for me. They were never around so I made better stronger relationships to “replace” them with.

Thankfully I got to see an old friend this weekend. Getting caught up after a dinner party the night before was very cathartic. It’s way better to spend time with people that value you and your presence rather than people that just treat you poorly. I appreciated having the opportunity to see someone I hadn’t seen in a couple years. All In all I really needed these days to just recouperate and I will admit it was nice to just enjoy a couple relaxing days with no writing involved what so ever.