Time: There’s Never Enough

If you’ve been an adult for a while, or a post secondary student you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know that when there’s a deadline something has to give. I’m one of those people that usually forfeits sleep first. The last time I remember getting the doctor recommended amount of sleep would be my early teen years before I had a job so it’s been a solid five years for me. Whether it’s school, work, or life we have all been in a situation where we wished there was more time in a day. I wish there were four to six more hours in a day personally.

I definitely slept the least In college with a full time course load and working about 30 hours a week at the same time. with my first class starting at 8 am and once classes were done Id work until 9 at night then after getting home do at least a few hours of homework. I was getting an average of three hours of sleep a night. After getting a concussion during that semester I was supposed to get ten 8-10 hours just for my brain to recover. This never happened it took five months to recover just because there wasn’t enough time. The first three months of that concussion I had a migraine that made everything more difficult.

Living in a culture were it’s go go go all the time can definitely put a strain on things. There’s an expectation that we aren’t even supposed to reach burn out, but that’s very unrealistic. When I’m in productive writing mode I say up into the early hours of the next day and get up early every day just to make sure I’m getting everything done. When I do this I burn out every four to six months. If we learned how to approach things at a slower pace I’m Pretty sure we’d stop running out of time.


2 thoughts on “Time: There’s Never Enough

  1. interesting. I thought you were going to say that sometimes it’s impossible to have enough time, but then you said maybe if you approached things at a slower pace then that would work. My opinion is that being busy is just another form of laziness. laziness in relation to time management and focus. Interesting post. good post. I would read more posts, but I’m exhausted. I’ll try to come by again. nice read again:)

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