Why The Facade

via Daily Prompt: Facade

Throughout difficult times most of the people I know where a mask. I know I do it because I find It easier to let people think everything is hunky dory than explain why I’m struggling. Most of the times I have a facade are due to the grieving process. Other people I know have there facade to hide hide things Like: mental illness, Issues on the home front, and also grief. Of course there are other reasons people have facades, but these are the ones I see most often.

Most People can’t tell when I’m wearing that mask. Even though I’m struggling with something I continue to smile and laugh like I always do. I do have one big tell though. I go from outspoken to not talking unless asked a question. There are also times where enough is going on that I can’t maintain my facade. An example of that is around the anniversaries of people I’ve lost. I’m usually an emotional wreck on the anniversary of my childhood friends death. I usually Try to take the day off so I can deal with it. This year I didn’t have the opportunity to take it off, It was the most difficult work day I’ve ever had. There were so many times helping customers that I literally couldn’t speak because I was holding back so many emotions and tears.

Just because someone looks fine on the outside doesn’t actually mean that everything is okay.  It’s way easier to wear a mask then to open up in a society where empathy is a lost trait. If you’ve ever had a job you didn’t like you probably wore a facade to pretend that you didn’t hate your job so much.

What are some other reasons that you’ve had to have a facade?


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