Roommates: The Ones You Fight With

via Daily Prompt: Disagree

If you’ve ever had roommates you probably know exactly what I’m talking about, I’ve only had three non family roommates and two of them fit into the “roommate from hell” category. At the beginning it starts with little disagreements, then suddenly you’re cleaning up after them every day and try your best to not be home when you know they will be. Given my experiences renting a room on the upper floor of a house, I’ll never do it again. One of those crappy roommates was my landlord from hell.

The other renter in the house thankfully did her own dishes, but would go on three day benders leaving me to take care of her Great Dane without even asking. How could I not take care of the dog, I wasn’t going to let him suffer just because his owner was insanely irresponsible. she’s lucky I didn’t just phone the pound over how he was neglected. If she was home she would have friends over and play music loud enough to wake me up until 3am in the middle of the week. Given I had 8 am classes almost every day taking a full course load and working almost full time, this was a major pain. On occasion she would also eat the food I made without even asking which was more frustrating living off a student budget.

Between the landlord and the roommate I definitely preferred the dog, at least he appreciated what I did for him. The guy that owned the house had the whole lower level to himself and still used the shared space 24/7 so nobody else had access to it. Given that that 41 year old man didn’t was more than a single spoon the whole time I lived there, I just assumed his parents never taught him how to clean up after himself. some people’s kids I tell ya.

Thankfully the crappy renter eventually moved out and the roommate that replaced her was phenomenal. Within a few weeks we were running together, hanging out, and became best friends. She did this amazing thing called cleaning up after herself, It was amazing. Our friendship caused a lot of tension between the landlord and us. We offered for him to join us on our adventures, but he had no interest in going jogging or anything related to living a healthier life. Out of the three of them given the opportunity I would only even think about living with one of them again.


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