The Calm Before The Storm

All afternoon It was relatively breezy and crisp outside so naturally I stayed in. A few hours later It got really calm and warmed up a bit so I stepped outside to get some fresh air. With thick dark clouds above I assumed it was going to storm. there were no birds singing, no breeze It was almost eerie, all that was missing was the rumbling of clouds. As it started to pour I returned to my perch inside and watched from the biggest window in the house.

I was greatly disappointed. It was over and gone faster than it had rolled in. In rained for a solid half an hour, but no thunder or lighting. what looked like It would turn into a beautiful scene was really just a bluff, perhaps even a vast disappointment. I’m not even going to lie i’m kind of sad that all we got out of this was some better smelling air. Just goes to show that we shouldn’t judge things by their appearance, not even nature.

Sure I love the rain and the fresh scent that accompanies it, but I also enjoy the free entertainment that you get with a good old thunderstorm. I don’t think I could think of a better example for things not always turning out how one hope. Now as I write this there’s a light drizzle going on out there. given that there are very few clouds in the sky I think It may be safe to assume that this won’t turn into a delightful storm either. I miss the storms in Alberta they were the best and sometimes there was one to watch every night or every second night. the lightning would light up the entire sky, they were great. Turns out if I want a high quality storm I will have to take a trip out there or get a friend to take some video.


Until next time,



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