Where’s The Food At

via Daily Prompt: Dilemma

My biggest Dilemma when it comes to writing is food, It even can ruin an ideal creative thought process. It also usually strikes when I’m just getting to the good stuff. It goes something like,”content, content, content, food, mmmmmmm I should Probably make food, ignores food for a while, then finally makes something to eat”. It’s not the best thing for me to ignore the fact that i’m hungry because I get hangry, but we all do what we have to to meet our personal deadlines. I find It comical and kind of embarrassing at the same time that food basically gives me writers block.

It has its set backs, but is also one of the reasons I’m a good cook. “If you have to eat it you may as well enjoy it”, is my motto when it comes to cooking. One thing that completely baffles me is why people would cook food they don’t enjoy, I happen to know quite a few people that do this. A lot of people think that it takes too much time to cook good tasting food, Only one thing that I cook and love to make takes over 45 minutes to make. It’s also more rare that I cook normal people comfort food.

I’m one of those people that even though I’m not a vegetarian I do a lot of cooking with meat alternatives. It just so happens there’s less risk of being allergic to something in the dish. When you find out you’re allergic to a lot of “normal” foods you either change you’re diet or one day you go into anaphylactic shock. despite not being afraid of death I’m not ready to go yet so I changed my diet. It wasn’t the easiest ,but being big into fitness and proper nutrition I had to make some changes.

Only once in my life have I not liked food, It was after being on a steroid after the stroke to get my brain to chill out or reduce swelling, same difference. It had me eating 6 full meals a day, after It wore off I had no desire to even look at food. I was so disgusted not just at the sight of food, but also at the fact that I gained 20 lbs. The real reason I converted to a more fit life after my stroke.

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