Write, Edit, Revise, Repeat

This is what I do everyday, and I absolutely love it. Every time I pick up a pad of paper or my laptop I see the progress I’m making towards my goals. Sure I don’t do it for the exact same amount of time every week, but between blogging and actually writing for books I spend between 50-60 hours a week writing. I usually try and take an afternoon off once a week just to get out and possibly find inspiration for a project.

A year ago I never would have guessed that this where i’d be right now. I had been trying to find a career that would help me reach my financial goals and not one that would make me enjoy my job. Kinesiology was great for personal knowledge, but partway through the semester I knew I had no desire for a career in the field. The only course that actually benefited me outside of kines was a leadership class. It may have sucked that it was at 8 am 3 days a week, but the instructor was good at keeping things relatable. so we actually learned the material.

It was actually My English class that reminded me of one of my passions that had been on the back burner for a few years. If I ever go back and get my degree It will definitely be an English literature or a creative writing major. I love words, not even just English words either. I Believe that language is a beautiful thing, how so many words and phrases have multiple meanings. I guess that’s part of why I use writing as my medium to share things with you guys, instead of Paintings… etc. Eventually I’ll have several books published and I don’t think anyone will be judging my career choice as I do What makes me happy.




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