Why The Need to Pretend

via Daily Prompt: Pretend

Why is it that In a country where people have more rights and freedoms than most countries people still feel the need to pretend to be something they’re not? Why is it more important to be popular rather than authentic? As you guys already know I have a big problem with this. As humans we are emotional beings, why are guys expected to not show them. Over the last almost two decades I’ve had to learn to keep a great front up at all times, This shouldn’t be necessary. Nobody no matter gender shouldn’t be judged for having emotions.

Having this front as too how we are supposed to feel and act as men has definitely affected how I’m Perceived most of the time. Most people can tell when I’m in a good mood, but most can’t pinpoint what I’m feeling when I’m not. When not Happy whatever it may be People always say that I look angry. That part I don’t really mind, because it results in people leaving me alone. wearing this mask all the time I’ve acquired a deep resting bitch face. Given that I also laugh no matter how i’m feeling, I’ve got a few things that make it hard for people to read me.

I believe that this is very skewed. If it was a social norm for men to show emotion I bet all of our relationships including friendships would be easier. Ladies just think how much easier things would be if your crush just told you how he felt about you? Oh wait you’d know exactly how he feels and end up wasting significantly less time. Maybe just maybe it’s about time to stop seeing men as emotionless beings and let them be as emotional as they want without passing judgement.


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