Finally No Reason To Panic

via Daily Prompt: Panic

With the family on vacation for a week I’ve created a trigger free environment that I won’t be leaving much while having the house to myself. Finally I’ve had enough alone time to recharge and it’s been quite beneficial already. It has helped me get back into a writing space. last night I the ideas were flowing and I ended up writing late into the night. I may have finally beat the writers block I had for a few weeks. I’m getting back on track with the books, thank goodness.

there’s literally no better feeling to me than being on track to meeting my goals. It gives me that sense of accomplishment and revamps my level of drive. Unlike the false sense of motivation that the three cups of coffee I consume every morning. the coffee usually wears off early into the afternoon. I love it when the internal drive kicks in. That internal drive is definitely why I’ll be spending ten to twelve hours or even more writing and editing today.

Being able to do whatever I want completely uninterrupted is amazing. I do what I want. That includes listening to the music I want all day, eating when I want. Being able to occupy whatever space in the house and not be told to skedaddle. It’s great to be king of the house every once in a while, it’s why I look forward to eventually buying a house. It’s Kinda funny I was told before i moved that they went away every weekend during the summer… it’s been 2 months and this is the first time they’ve left for more than a day. I need a house because I need lots of time away from people ha ha ha. yes I know that Probably sounds a little Grinch like , but it’s true.

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