Something Else We Don’t See Often

via Daily Prompt: Generous

Generosity like chivalry, is dead. What can we really expect in the self centered society we live in? It is more important to be popular or famous than it is to just try and be a decent human being. This is something that really frustrates me. The lack of generosity is part of why I do What I can to help others. I understand what it’s Like to struggle so I do what I can with what I have.  I’m going to tell you about a time where i just thought i was doing the “right ting” and the person saw it as generous.

Last winter when I was living in a city. I was working and going to school full time with a concussion that made everything very difficult. Every week on the way home from the grocery store I saw this one homeless guy who always chatted briefly with me. Over several weeks of seeing this guy he always had his hat out for change, but not once did he ever ask me for change. I always felt bad that I didn’t have any change on me. It was probably around the 9th time I saw the guy and I finally had cash on me. As I got closer I said hi then put my bags down took out my wallet and pulled out a $20 bill. The guy who is also in a wheelchair Tried to tell me that it was too much, I replied with”It’s the least I can do don’t worry about It.” For the rest of the weeks we crossed paths we talked but he always put the hat away.

Some people give to charities around the holiday season, I’d rather give the same amount to someone I’ve interacted with that could use the money like the homeless guy in a wheelchair. He told me that he appreciated having someone that would actually stop and talk to him. then he was more shocked with my explanation ,” I’m no better than you we may be in different situations but we are both still human beings. One doesn’t end up on the street because life is easy.” hearing this his face lit up, seeing all that joy inside the guy it brought me tears of joy.  From my perspective it was the right thing to do not the generous one and he saw it the other way around.

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