Does Procrastination Help or Hinder Creativity

For myself procrastination both helps and hinders my creativity. When I’m unsure about something or don’t want to do something I definitely Procrastinate until the last minute. Some would say that this is a bad thing and it can be, but It also forces me to create better content in a shorter time frame. I think that’s something we are all trying to do each day, at least writers and bloggers that is. In that way procrastination definitely helps creativity. Really I think It depends on who you are and what works for you. some people are really hindered by procrastination while others find motivation in it.

Procrastination can also be a big hinder to my creativity. For example when I’m super bitchy during the last week of every month (What I call My Meriod) I’m literally too moody to be creative so I usually procrastinate a lot during that Time. It causes me to take a break from the light fluffy stuff and focus on things where it’s okay for the reader to catch the bitchy undertone of my writing. once I have a book published anyone that reads my blog will be able to tell what part of the month specific chapters were written. Honestly I think It’ll be kind of funny for anyone that catches on.

Procrastination can go either way, My only advice is don’t procrastinate too much on those post secondary papers. Most people have a lower quality of writing when rushed myself included. The last semester I Took in college was a compressed English course. Working almost full time with a concussion while taking the course was killer. My procrastination skills definitely hindered the quality on the submitted assignments, but life happens. Even not getting the highest grade I could I would still say that out of all the courses I took It was the Most beneficial to me.


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