My Perfect Writing Setting

I have two Perfect settings for an ideal writing spot they are both very different. the fist one indoor is a neutral pallet room with green-blue accents. It has a large canvas print on one wall. The sunshine beams in through the open curtains making the room all warm and cozy. I’d be sitting in my thrift store bought high back arm chair. I would also probably have headphones in playing one of my writing playlists. if I was trying to set the atmosphere for a specific place I usually burn a candle to try and match the scent.

The second one would be anywhere in nature sitting at a shoreline or against a tree surrounded by just the sounds of nature. I prefer the nature one but, I’m not close to my nature writing spots anymore and the outdoors here aren’t nearly as well kept. watching the occasional animals frolic as they do. I don’t know what it is about nature, but I always feel perfectly centered in nature.whether its the calm sounds or watching beings interacting in such peaceful ways nature works for me.

 My writing playlists are an eclectic mix of rock, pop, edm, alternative, and even some country. If it’s one of those days where i just can’t seem to focus then edm is the only thing that works. Is that normal? are there other writers or bloggers out there that find edm helps for concentration? For example If I have minimal interest for the topic on a paper in college I could only write it listening to Dirty Vegas.I think it’s a little peculiar that both of my perfect settings are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. My perfect writing spots are why I hope to own a cabin in the middle of nowhere where i can go for days or even weeks on end and write.


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