Sometimes People Need a Break 

Today’s s perfect example of that. I’ve been really focused on both writing and blogging lately and haven’t taken a break from it. I was getting close to burnout so I took today off. First I went and hung out with an old friend. We wandered around town for a bit got caught up on life and then I went and worked on a mural with a different group of friends. It was definitely a great break from being cooped up in my house. 

Sure at various times I was zoned out sitting there thinking about my different writing projects but I didn’t spend the day writing. I even had a pad of paper in my messenger bag just in case I got some random inspiration. I’m glad I took the day off just because I feel way better. Just so you dont  get burnt out every once and a while just take a day off to regroup. After taking the day off you’ll feel refreshed and all those thoughts will make sense again. 

Taking today off should result in tomorrow being a great writing day. The more writing I can get done the better. Sure I don’t see people as much as I used to, but that’s because I am focused on my goals and they’re my number one priority right now. It probably helps that I’m an introvert because I don’t  even feel bad about avoiding most people right now. 

Until next time,



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