Are You Stylish

via Daily Prompt: Stylish

When someone brings up style the first thing I ignore is what they’re saying in Tabloids and the style magazines. I think it’s way more important to have your own look than it is to be copying a famous person’s look. Then again I’m one of those people that when looking for that retro piece I go right to the local thrift shops.

Why is it so important in today’s day to conform to consumerism and materialism when several studies have been done that proved our quality of life would be improved if we started living more minimally? I find it quite odd but, I’ve never been on of those people that has to take part in every fashion trend. I also have no need to buy new clothes every week, month or year. I buy new clothes when my clothing wears out or gets a hole in it somewhere. It probably helps that I don’t come from a rich family, I learned to value my things. I’m glad that I had to shop at thrift shops as a kid, when I fit the starving student status quo there was no shame not buying my things from the hippest retail chain.

Even when I invested in some really nice formal wear I waited until the things I wanted were on sale to buy. I like that I don’t need the hottest things, it keeps things more simple. I don’t have to follow headlines or magazines to be happy with what i’m wearing. As long as it fits i will still wear clothes for years down the road no need to trash anything at the end of a season or fad. I have a thing for jackets Most of them are practical, but a few of them get worn just to polish off a look.

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