One Always Has Choices

No matter the situation a person always has choices. You can either pick from one of the possible options to get out of the situation or you can decide to do nothing about it.  that is also by default making a choice .whenever someone asks me whether they should do one thing or another i always respond with,” life’s all about choices”, followed by my opinion. Here’s an example of a situation where I made a choice and got to deal with the consequences.

When I was sixteen I signed for the surgery that consequently caused my stroke. I’ve been dealing withe consequences of that one for over two years now. Everyone asks,”Do you regret having the surgery?” No I really don’t this has been a life enhancing experience. People think i’m crazy when I say that but I mean it, it changed every aspect of my life for the better. I see everything from a different perspective, I do everything a little differently, and most importantly I value life knowing that everything could change in the blink of an eye,

I’m not going to lie it took me a few months to get to that mindset. The first few months I regretted it so much, I wanted my old life back. Who wouldn’t If they were cooped up in a hospital facility? a couple months into being back at home and settled into a routine I realized how fortunate I am. To this day doctors are still amazed that I continue to recover at the rate I am. Thanks to a book on neuroplasticity called The Brain That Changes Itself  I know that even if the speed at which I’m recovering slows down I will continue to recover until the day I die

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