Can You Handle Silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence

In the social media world we are now engulfed in it’s becoming more and more difficult to actually get any peace and quite. even if a person isn’t getting texts due to all  of our various apps and accounts we still get notifications all the time. I think it would be real great if we used technology a little less and actually started communicating face to face again.

Personally After being able to communicate with my best friend face to face every day for 3 consecutive Months it’s really strange just texting all the time. All the body language and facial expressions and tone is missing. I’m one of those people that doesn’t require a lot of people time but i do need that face to face connection. Being very introverted I actually prefer being able to spend most of my time alone just to regroup. If I don’t get enough alone time I can come off as very bitchy and overwhelmed. I tend to even have friends that don’t mind doing things like quietly watching a movie.

People always want me to go out to bars and socialize thinking I don’t go out because I don’t like my friends. That isn’t the case at all, I love my friends I just need them in small doses. There’s nothing I like more than spending a day alone with music in the background while I write and edit, or spending an afternoon in the kitchen with music playing just trying out new recipes.

I think that people should like their own company enough that they can happily spend time alone. If you can’t do that maybe you need to expand your horizons and try some new things. Work on you until you’re ok with the silence.

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