Daily Prompt: Hike

via Daily Prompt: Hike

Hiking is one of my favorite activities, for me there’s nothing better than being out in nature. When I hike I love not hearing the sounds of vehicles that is replaced by the tranquil sound of birds singing, leaves rustling in the breeze. there’s also the amazing sent of nature so fresh and clean.

I Miss the time in my life where i was living with my best friend less than a kilometer from a great trail system that we used almost everyday. Not only was I getting great exercise, but I also had a great companion to hike with. I have a lot of great memories on those trail, most of which involve laughing so hard I was in tears.

After hiking my favorite spot in Alberta for a month I found my favorite thinking spot. Once I found it I would go sit on the shoreline of this little island with a pad of paper and a blue medium point pen and brainstorm. The water was so calm you could see the water ripple as insects landed. I did a lot of grieving, brainstorming and escaping to this place. I miss having a spot where everything goes away and I could think uninterrupted.

There are hiking trails around here but, they aren’t as easily accessible or as nice. I also miss the daily laugh session hikes that I took with the bestie. nothing is more odd than the adjustment of moving to another province and no longer seeing someone so important face everyday. Hiking with them was the highlight of my day because nothing is better than having fun while getting exercise.

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