Never Thought I’d Make it This Far

In all Honesty Nobody not even my medical team thought i would have recovered as much as I have. Two and a half years ago i had a stroke during a surgery and according to doctors I recover very fast. I know I’ve got a great mask, but despite what I tell everyone no part of this process has been easy.

Imagine waking up from surgery expecting to be fine, but it turns out you can’t move an entire side of your body, talk, or focus enough to see anything clearly.  Not gonna lie, once i wasn’t on heavy pain killers i was in a really dark place. I went from moving towards my gals quite quickly to literally not being able to move, it was very defeating. At the begging it was difficult to stay positive due to the fact that I couldn’t do anything and i no longer saw any point to life.

Thankfully after seven weeks in a physical rehabilitation centre doing 8 hours of therapy minimum a day I was sent home to finish recovering. at this stage I could walk with a foot brace and minimally move my hand but there was progress. It was a huge adjustment in the home thanks to a change in ability and now having visual field loss in both eyes but eventually i got used to it.  The most difficult part was relearning how to learn, I hadn’t yet adjusted to seeing differently, I struggled to hold a piece of paper down to do school work, I found the first few weeks back in school extremely difficult. I enjoy being an active person so not being able to do all of the things I used to the same extent was another pig struggle. I had to regain all muscle mass in half of my body, It was like the entire left side of me had been reborn.

3 years later and here I am doing most of the things I love but still missing out on some of them. I may not be able to run long distances yet but thankfully i can sprint again. It’s times like these when you learn who you’re real friends are and also when you open the door and watch many of them walk out forever. People often ask me if i regret signing the forms for the surgery? My only answer Is no. Now that I’ve got through the worst part most days it’s just a motivator for me to chase my dreams and show the world that if you put your mind to it you can quite literally do anything. As for the blindness, I quite enjoy being able to turn my head and not see things if I so desire, It’s like a real life super power.




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