I Write Because…

I write for a few different reasons below is a list of just a few of them:

  1. To Share Experiences
  2. To inspire others
  3. Share my point of view
  4. Because I can

    I’ve been through and have thankfully got through a lot of things in my short time here so far. I’ve had a few set backs but I’m still here pushing through hoping you will too.

    I share what I do with the world in hopes to inspire someone or give them hope through a relatable situation. I promise that whatever you’re going through it does get better. I’ve had a lot of dark days were i wanted it all to stop, but I’m still here able to write this post for you. 

    I like to occasionally share random thoughts and perspectives because my whole life I’ve always looked at things differently. I’m that kid that happily stayed in and did their homework and didn’t feel bad about missing parties. I can’t remember a single day in my life were I actually tried to fit in. Honestly it just feels better being true to me and my values. 

    I write because I can and languages including English have always facinated me. I would paint you a picture to tell you a story but, I’m way better at painting that picture with words. Here’s hoping the things I share with the world can help out or give hope to at least one person out there.

    Until next time,



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